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We have a wide range of commercial cleaning contracts - our clients include Manufacturing warehouses, Solicitors, Accountants, Property Management, Waste Companies & Care Homes. They benefit from having a single point of contact throughout the contracts which in turn provides us with happy customers!

Through a combination of telephone calls, emails and site visits our management team will ensure that our staff are providing the best possible service. We are proud to have a settled workforce of office cleaners & have a very low turnaround of staff. This ensures that you will have continuity with the staff working in your office. We strive to employ local cleaners & provide them with staff welfare to enhance the standards of our work.

We ensure that every area of your building is cleaned. From emptying bins to organising your recycling, from wiping down your desks to sanitising telephones and light switches. From scouring your kitchen sinks to polishing your floors, we seek to give you a fresh and clean working environment.

Whether your office requires cleaning daily, weekly or with any other frequency, inside or outside office hours, Rapier is well placed to meet your needs.

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